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Self-determination of an individual could be seen to rest on four basic abilities:


OBSERVE means placing one’s attention on something, perceiving and experiencing. Ability to observe, most notably also includes an ability to RETAIN observations. If someone cannot retain observations, they will not know that they have observed something to begin with.

EVALUATE means organizing and analyzing one’s observations through some logical framework. Evaluation depends on one’s education including the one that is gained through experience.

DECIDE means coming to conclusions, setting postulates.

ACT means doing something to accomplish a result.

These four abilities are interconnected and can be selectively developed, enhanced or inhibited.

When you formulate it this way, it also becomes apparent that inhibiting any of these abilities reduces one’s self-determination effectively making that individual more prone to subjugation by someone or something else (such as following orders or some from of “programming”) as opposed to being able to direct one’s own activity in line with one’s reasoning and observations. See page ROBOTISM in Scientology to see how this applies to Scientology specifically.

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