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The purpose of this project is to develop a simple and practical SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS with effective methodology that can be used by individuals on themselves and each other to achieve higher states of consciousness and be able to improve the reality of their lives and the world at large.

*The word SCIENCE means [The American Heritage Dictionary]:
1. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
2. A systematic method or body of knowledge in a given area.



This website evolved out of attempts to:

1) Find or develop practical understanding of consciousness and formulate specific methods that can be used to enhance its powers in relationship to reality.

2) Identify and resolve problems with Scientology.

The general logic that this project embraced with respect to addressing problems with Scientology is very well summarized in this famous quote:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

― R. Buckminster Fuller “Critical Path”

The volume of analysis I produced about Scientology on the way to formulating a complete alternative presented on this site – I moved it onto a separate website: ScientologyAnalysis.com.


This aims to be a professional website. It was created with blog features to allow people to comment, but ultimately this is not a blog in its usual sense. The main body of this website is organized in static pages, not in chronological posts. The pages may be polished and updated with time. Some posts may eventually be introduced on more specific subjects – for example, applying the logic presented here to current realities in the world.

In commenting, please be professional and stick to the subject on a related page. If you disagree with something, make an effort to provide clear reasoning and alternative solutions or explanations. The Internet is overwhelmed with information. When you add something to this website, please make it valuable and be brief. Refrain from engaging in interpersonal drama or empty comments that do not add value to the presented material.

If you like something, save it (including your comments). Anything on this website is subject to change without warning including adding, removing, or rearranging material. Comments that do not materially add to or distract from the purpose of this website may be removed. Comments requesting some form of correction of material will be removed once the corrections are made if they are valid. This is to prevent accumulation of comments that become irrelevant once the material is updated. Comments with new, useful content or ideas will be preserved even if such become integrated into the main content – this is to preserve historical contributions.

There are many SPAM comments on WordPress that have generic form; hence, generic comments (such as “Great blog!”) that are not specific to the content of this website will not be approved.

Also note, that this website is on a “work in progress” basis to organize and provide initial material for the purpose of ongoing development.

If you have anything you would like to communicate outside of comments, you can send an e-mail to: admin@civilizationupgrade.com.




September 2018 note: with an addition of the BASIC FRAMEWORK page, some other information on this website may require an update. With time, the website may be reorganized to incorporate the new information into the overall structure of its pages.

December 2018 note: Translation of key content of this website into Russian is now under way! Yandex translator [similar to Google Translate] is used first to produce a generic translation blueprint for any given page. Automatic translation is then reviewed and perfected to ensure consistency in communicated concepts of this project. As of this note, direct use of Google Translate is NOT at all recommended as it is evident that Google, for whatever reason, severely mistranslates some words which must be corrected in order to maintain conceptual integrity of communicated material. Yandex translator is better, for Russian, but still needs to be perfected. When a given page has been translated, it will appear in Russian; when not, it will appear in original English even if Russian was selected. Selecting Russian in the top selector menu displays whatever is available in Russian for the entire website.

June 2020 note: I moved all of Scientology related analysis to a separate website: ScientologyAnalysis.com.