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This page outlines the general logic with respect to working with different forms of reality. More specific processes and exercises can be found within the pages on respective subjects.



Objective and Relationship Realities

This would include anything that requires active interaction with objects and people in the environment.

In Scientology, this is most notably covered under TR’s and Objectives.

– TR’s stands for Training Routines and are essentially communication drills between two people facing each other called “twins” or rotating “student and a coach.”

– Objectives are drills aimed at interaction with the physical universe and includes what could be termed as “control” drills where each “twin” practices controlling and being controlled by another twin.

Under this arbitrary category also fall various Sports activities including Martial Arts and other ways of improving one’s mastery of direct contact with the environment including interaction with plants and animals.


Recorded Reality

Virtually the whole subject of Dianetics is concerned with handling “memory recordings” or “mental image pictures” through various techniques but most notably by LOCATING AND RE-EXPERIENCING PAST INCIDENTS (or their specific elements such as in “effort processing”) either for the purpose of minimizing or “discharging” the power of traumatic incidents in their influence on mental processes in present time or for a more general purpose of training the mind and increasing awareness in contacting neutral or pleasure incidents.

The Recorded Reality can be further sub-divided into two arbitrary types: Neutral or Pleasure Recordings and Pain Recordings.

Neutral or Pleasure Recordings would include memories that are more or less easily accessible and (re)experienced such as recalling what you had for breakfast or being able to “view” say a car you had or some pleasant memories such as spending time with your friends at a beach or hiking or anything else. The one book that addresses these recordings specifically in D&S is SELF-ANALYSIS.

Pain Recordings would include memories that contained some kind of pain or loss and attenuation of one’s awareness, either partial or complete. Most of Dianetics is concerned with handling or “auditing” these types of recordings. The three main books that cover this subject under Dianetics are: Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health (DMSMH or Book One); Science of Survival; and Advanced Procedure and Axioms which in themselves represent different “echelons” of how to view and deal with these “recordings.”

The basic Theory and Practice under BOOK ONE is described in this 1990’s video from the Church of Scientology:

Note that the Church since then produced another video which is longer and provides somewhat different instructions. The easy and workable instructions that were provided in the 1990’s script were cancelled as they supposedly did not adhere to the original instructions from L. Ron Hubbard. It is noted however that Book One was the initial book and since then was superseded by the methods outlined in Science of Survival and the materials surrounding Advanced Procedure and Axioms. The script in this older video is more in line with recommendations in Science of Survival.

Not a part of the video, but the subject of Dianetics also addresses what is generally known as Past Life Regression since it was discovered at the time of its developed that many people “returned” into what looked like incidents before this life time while engaging in Dianetic auditing. This then served as proof that man was in essence an “immortal spiritual being” that lived life after life “assuming” or “picking up” and operating a new body during each new life time. This “discovery” in Dianetics then fed into the creation of the subject of Scientology that aimed to address the spirit and its abilities more directly in terms of the spirit’s relationship with the “memory recordings” as well as the reality of the world at large.

Obviously, this was not much of a “news” in light of Eastern Practices and ancient wisdom, and Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy in general extend far outside Dianetics which was formed in 1950’s and are subject to much deeper exploration and research. There is some general info about it on Wikipedia:


Imagined Reality


In Scientology there was something called CREATIVE PROCESSING which was essentially the core of Scientology practice as it existed in 1950’s. Creative Processing was very effective and very powerful to produce more spiritual ability in less amount of time. Hubbard himself advertised it as such during that era, but then he CANCELLED it in early 1960’s at the onset of another “era” in Scientology which can be characterized by the formation of a highly authoritative organizational structure and an implementation of “new” Scientology processing methods that are in fact interrogation and mind control techniques disguised as “spirituality.” These techniques would not have been very effective with Creative Processing in place and were actually quite contradictory to much of Dianetics and Scientology practice that came before 1960’s.

Mind control could be a desirable thing when you are the one doing the controlling of your mind or increasing your ability to do so even if with someone else’s help, but it is not a good thing when someone else assumes control of your mind while inhibiting your own ability to do so.

Much of the controversy and criticism surrounding Dianetics and Scientology is actually focused on these “new” developments during 1960’s seemingly completely disregarding the wealth of other techniques that were developed during 1950’s but which are basically no longer in use at the Church, at least not in the way that they were used when they were introduced during 1950’s.

SILVA METHOD is another method that utilizes imaginative reality to improve ability. There is plenty of information about it on the web:



Guided meditation sessions usually include a transition into and an experience of an “imagined reality” such as enjoying a time on a beach or some other pleasant place.


Dream Reality

Lucid Dreaming

Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE or OOBE)

– The Monroe Institute founded by Robert Monroe:

– OOBE Research Center founded by Michael Raduga: