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The word SUP-PRESS comes from Latin meaning “to press down.” If you look at standard dictionary definition, you’ll see words like: prevent, inhibit, eliminate, or “forcibly put an end to.” https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/suppress

From there we can proceed with four very simple questions highlighting key components of suppression:

1) TARGET OF SUPPRESSION – WHAT is being suppressed?

2) METHOD OF SUPPRESSION – HOW is something being suppressed?

3) SOURCE OF SUPPRESSION – WHO or WHAT is doing the suppression?

4) REASON FOR SUPPRESSION – WHY the source is engaging in suppression of the target reality or manifestation?

Through these four questions you can see how many different scenarios can fall under the subject of suppression and become the target of real, effective auditing based on actual awareness of the realities involved in a given situation.

POWER OF AUTHORITY is a major factor when considering the effectiveness of suppression perpetrated by groups or individuals within a given society or some form of relationship.

The HANDLING of any given form of suppression, if it is still ongoing, will depend on clear identification and understanding of the factors involved.


Below are some examples of possible “items” that can be found within these categories.

TARGET OF SUPPRESSION: Some particular thought, perception or someone’s efforts at making observations and thinking in general can be a target of suppression; some specific emotion, feeling or intuitive perception; specific action or activity or one’s ability to act; desires, visions, plans, or specific intentions; one’s social or public image or some form of relationship with someone; someone’s work or business activity; some form of communication or affinity toward other people; and so on.

METHOD OF SUPPRESSION: direct intimidation; psychological manipulation or domination including through subversive reasoning and/or emotion; enforcement of conflicting perception; employment of negative labels, defamation and vilification; inducing a sense of guilt or shame; and so on.

SOURCE OF SUPPRESSION: relatives; peers; religious and political establishments or some other form of organization or group… etc. Toxic mold which is an intelligent living organism can be a major source of suppression if it develops in someone’s home – so it doesn’t have to be some individual or group as was the assertion in Scientology.

REASON FOR SUPPRESSION: competition for power, resources, and procreation opportunities; religious or cultural indoctrination leading to disapproval of certain forms of expression; perception of threat whether real or imagined; malicious intent; and so on.