Formaldehyde Detox and Recovery

Formaldehyde Detox and Recovery

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Note: I wrote up the material below in the summer of 2019 as part of the main page on Formaldehyde Intoxication. In the summer of 2021, I decided to turn it into a separate page that I have not yet updated with more discoveries I have made since my initial publication of this material back in 2019.


Recovery Protocol

If you have determined that you are suffering with formaldehyde intoxication, obviously the first thing you should do is make an effort to identify and remove any source of substantial formaldehyde off-gassing from your vicinity.

Since a great majority of fabrics are treated with formaldehyde, clothing is a very difficult one. You can search the internet for organic, chemical free options. There are some shops out there, but since I have not yet tried anything, I cannot provide a specific recommendation. [Will update this section if I figure something out.] The least thing you can do is fold a lot of the clothing you don’t use into plastic bags and then place them inside air tight plastic bins so that you don’t have clothing items that you don’t even use polluting the air.

Some sample online stores:

Note, formaldehyde use is banned under GOTS certification:

Though, I have also come across clothing items with GOTS certification that had a perceptible chemical scent, gave perceptible symptoms and measured on an electrochemical formaldehyde detector.

As far as organism recovery goes, (I theorize in line with my experience and known formaldehyde properties that) formaldehyde pollutes the waters of the body making them heavy, “dense” and not easily usable. It also causes polymerization of proteins, binding together structures that should not be bound. When I thought of how to recover from formaldehyde intoxication, I thought in terms of “dissolving glue” and “breaking down unwanted molecular bonds” – de-polymerization. I believe this understanding and awareness greatly contributes to a successful recovery as it signals to the intelligence of the body on what needs to be done.


MIRACLE SOLUTION #1: Ozonated Water (an absolute must)

I knew that in order to break down “bonds” and basically “de-polymerize” and clear the dense liquids, I needed to introduce “reactivity” into the body.

I already had an Ozone generator machine for ozonating water to clean fruits and vegetables. I also noticed that I felt better and more “uplifted” when breathing some ozone, but breathing ozone is not very effective as it is too volatile in air and can actually cause inflammation in the lungs. I figured that if I could get that reactivity of ozone in a controlled form that my body can utilize, then that could actually work to counteract the inhibitive effects of formaldehyde. I realized I could just drink ozonated water where water will provide that “control” to contain and utilize ozone’s reactivity.

I drank some ozonated water and felt better immediately! I could feel it going through my body “dissolving solidities” and boosting the energy level. After only a few sessions of drinking ozonated water over the course of a few days – I felt like I was completely recovering, and not just to a level of how I felt a year ago, but to a level of how I felt 10 years ago in my mid 20’s!

I knew it was going to work from my “theoretical understanding,” but the way it actually worked seemed nothing short of magical. Drinking ozonated water also made me more aware of just how bad my condition really was as I could literally feel it hitting these “lumps of density” in my stomach area and in my bowel dissolving it in the process. I also felt a noticeable RISE IN AWARENESS as if it was clearing through “blocks” in my neurological system as well. I just finally felt “powered” and more myself – at a level of how I knew I should feel normally.

Then, of course, I heard about some “dangers” associated with ozone and someone else that I shared my success story with started “warning” me against drinking ozonated water. So I turned to Google yet again:

Anti-inflammatory effects of ozonated water in an experimental mouse model

Previous studies have suggested that ozonated water is safe and possesses antibacterial effects for treatment of experimental peritonitis rats. In this study, we evaluated the anti-inflammatory effects of ozonated water that was intraperitoneally injected into an experimental inflammatory mouse model. … The results suggest that ozonated water has anti-inflammatory properties and is a potential therapeutic option for acute inflammation.

The Safety and Anti-Tumor Effects of Ozonated Water in Vivo.

Ozonated water is easier to handle than ozone gas. However, there have been no previous reports on the biological effects of ozonated water. We conducted a study on the safety of ozonated water and its anti-tumor effects using a tumor-bearing mouse model and normal controls. Local administration of ozonated water (208 mM) was not associated with any detrimental effects in normal tissues. On the other hand, local administration of ozonated water (20.8, 41.6, 104, or 208 mM) directly into the tumor tissue induced necrosis and inhibited proliferation of tumor cells. … The size of the necrotic areas was dependent on the concentration of ozonated water. These results indicate that ozonated water does not affect normal tissue and damages only the tumor tissue by selectively inducing necrosis. There is a possibility that it exerts through the production of reaction oxygen species (ROS). In addition, the induction of necrosis rather than apoptosis is very useful in tumor immunity. Based on these results, we believe that administration of ozonated water is a safe and potentially simple adjunct or alternative to existing antineoplastic treatments.

Interesting to note that healthy cells can handle ozone and utilize it for their benefit, and unhealthy cells cannot handle ozone and die. What causes the breakdown of the ozone (oxygen in general?) handling mechanics? And could this indicate to a direct cause of how / why cells become unhealthy and cancerous in the first place?

5 Great Benefits Of Drinking Ozonated Water (Is It Right For You?)

Dr. Ozone: 40 Years Using Medical Ozone To Fix Everything: Frank Shallenberger #524 (Full Episode)

Personal analysis:

The metabolic handling of formaldehyde requires extra energy and resources like OXYGEN – hence, one of the very common and immediate symptoms of (especially continuous) formaldehyde exposure is fatigue/sleepiness/lack of energy along with OXYGEN DEPRIVATION – a literal sense like one is lacking oxygen or some vitality in the air. The actual concentration of oxygen in the air may not be lacking, but the USE of oxygen by the organism gets diverted from powering normal functions into metabolizing a continuous stream of formaldehyde in order to prevent internal damage. This is one of the reasons why drinking ozonated water can make such a big difference – as it delivers extra oxygen into the body that can be liberally used for metabolic processes.

For example, metabolizing formaldehyde (CH2O) into formic acid (CH2O2) requires at least one additional oxygen atom; metabolizing formic acid (CH2O2) into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) requires yet another additional oxygen atom. So it’s basically at LEAST one molecule of oxygen (O2) that is required to metabolize one molecule of formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, but this does not take into account the extra oxygen and other resources that many be needed to power enzymes and other metabolic processes for this kind of metabolic process to occur to begin with. It requires a lot of extra oxygen to metabolize a lot of extra formaldehyde. Hence, breathing in formaldehyde with oxygen will cause oxygen deprivation as it is diverted into metabolizing formaldehyde.

It is quite logical on part of body’s intelligence to basically suspend or “hibernate” normal function by putting the body into sleep in order to divert the necessary oxygen to use for metabolizing formaldehyde. As the brain consumes a large portion (20%) of body’s oxygen, mental activity will probably be the first in line for being suspended, just on this fact alone – the increasing demand for oxygen to combat formaldehyde intoxication.

However, both of these phenomena – like fatigue and a sense of oxygen deprivation – can be brought about by the very fact that formaldehyde in itself inhibits metabolic processes and energy generation and so can inhibit the very process of using oxygen to begin with which will lead to a sense of oxygen deprivation. Though this does not seem to explain why delivering extra oxygen in the form of ozone in water results in such a remarkable and immediate betterment. [At least in my experience.] It could be that it is the REACTIVITY of ozone in itself that does something to break up the bonds, to break up polymerized compounds, while at the same time providing the oxygen atoms for new compounds to form in the process.

So it may not be the extra oxygen by itself, but the REACTIVITY PLUS EXTRA OXYGEN that is at play when it comes to consumption of ozone in the water. It would indeed be interesting to compare oxygen therapy against ozonated water in terms of relieving symptoms of formaldehyde intoxication such as bloating and a sense of crushing inhibition.

Perhaps a chemical formula cited in this post meant to describe how ozone may react with formaldehyde in the air can provide an insight as to what may happen inside the body:

CH2O + 2O3 ⟶ CO2 + H2O + 2O

It would be interesting to see what would happen in ozonating formalin (a solution of formaldehyde dissolved in water).

Also, it is possible that breathing in formaldehyde may interfere with oxygen absorption by the lungs to begin with. Ultimately, all three factors could be in play: inhibition of oxygen absorption by the lungs, inhibition of the use of oxygen due to inhibition of metabolic processes, and diversion of oxygen by body’s intelligence toward metabolizing formaldehyde.

A useful video on how Oxygen travels through the body:
Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body – Enda Butler


Note, do NOT heavily ozonate air in enclosed spaces. Ozone does seem to break down formaldehyde in open air (as measured by a falling value of formaldehyde on a formaldehyde detector in the vicinity of ozone source). However, if you have items with formaldehyde based binding (like textile products, particle board furniture, etc), it will also disturb stable bonds which will induce MORE off-gassing from those items. Numerous articles will cite the fact that ozonating air inside buildings causes more formaldehyde, but they usually do not explain why that occurs. It is also possible that ozone could break down other VOC’s where formaldehyde will form as a byproduct. Also, little ozone that may come off from air filters that employ UV light is probably of too little concentration to go anywhere beyond the immediate vicinity of the filter. Ozone is highly unstable and breaks down rather quickly into oxygen.


MIRACLE SOLUTION #2: THC (the psychoactive component of Sativa cannabis)

Small dozes of THC (5 – 20mg) can be extremely beneficial in reactivating and repairing the nervous system. It feels nothing short of a “reboot” when you are struggling with the onset of a “crushing inhibition.” It really works, but I only started using cannabis to counter-act the debilitating effects of formaldehyde – so for me small dozes once or twice a week really worked, and the benefit of “neurological activation and rebuilding” seems to stay – unless the exposure to formaldehyde continues. And sure enough the research supports the curative effect of THC:

The potential therapeutic effects of THC on Alzheimer’s disease.

These sets of data strongly suggest that THC could be a potential therapeutic treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease through multiple functions and pathways.

Marijuana Relieves Alzheimer’s-Like Symptoms—At Least, In Mice

In my experience, THC seems to PULL APART THE BONDS – it undoes the inhibitive, cross-linking effect of formaldehyde – thus, opening up SPACE for neurological activity and rebuilding. I could literally feel as if something is going through pulling “stuck areas” apart liberating the flow of resources and structures for normal operation.



Whole milk with dissolved chili powder and optionally a few drops of propolis: the logic I had for this one is that the reactivity of chili powder would help to break things down while milk fats and proteins will help to absorb, wash away and rebuild. I have always consumed whole milk. I tried non-fat milk and thought it was disgusting and truly lacking something. There is actually a need for dairy fat. There are fats in the body that need to be rebuild and replenished.

Cinnamon tea made from boiling raw cinnamon bark – do not use any kind of processed powder (unless that’s all you can get). There is something in the bark that seems very beneficial. Before I automatically grabbed some cinnamon bark while walking through a grocery store, I thought that I needed something from trees since trees have the intelligence and produce compounds to handle carbon based gas compounds probably much better than humans, or any mammals, can. More specifically, I am thinking trees could actually use the properties of formaldehyde for building and “gluing” things together – and so they would have the enhanced intelligence of how to work with such a substance and its properties. I am thinking there could be substances from other trees that could be useful – maybe like a pine tree. The logic here is to consume something to ENHANCE YOUR BODY’S INTELLIGENCE and give it something to work with to implement SUCCESSFUL METABOLIC PROCESSES.

Quality green tea from whole leaves can definitely make a difference, but I was already drinking green tea on regular basis so this was not a change of factor for me. Nevertheless, it had probably made a difference in terms of reducing intoxication effect while I was still going through the experience.

Obviously sauna and exercise could help with a preference for alkaline or distilled water. However, based on my experience, I would NOT recommend exercising or “drinking plenty of water” at the height of intoxication when someone is already getting bloated with “heavy waters.” Drinking more water leads to increased bloating as regular water does little to “depolymerize” the polluted liquids in the body – it ends up pushing them. Due to increased bloating from water, I nearly stopped drinking regular water altogether relying on tea and milk instead since they were actually doing something to relief the condition. Also, exercising increases PRESSURE. If you have been heavily polluted with polymerized liquids – that pressure will start pushing things around and can end up pushing more pollution into your head/brain making matters even worse.

Drinking ACTIVATED LIQUIDS like ozonated water should be the first priority. Once the issue of bloating is handled and there is greater “free space” in the body, then exercising, at a gradient, could be useful to handle the remains. Exercise can be combined with THC for combined efficacy.

Oxygen therapy – breathing greater concentrations of oxygen could probably be very therapeutic, but I have not personally tried it.




[added in early July 2019]

It is “summary” because I try to bring together a number of insights that I have developed over time to develop a more complete picture.

Continues from:

As it [formaldehyde] is very similar to water, it readily mixes with it interacting with other compounds in the water.

My experience of prolonged formaldehyde intoxication can be very much described as if the fluids in the body are progressively turning into LIQUID GLUE, or “dense waters,” with increasing loss of access to different body areas including the brain.

Formaldehyde Gas is itself like GLUE – you just need to be able to think and imagine in terms of a substance and its properties, instead of thinking in terms of a “visual experience” with glue in a tube that you can see.

The glue that you can see is a glue substance that is already very dense. But a substance with glue-like properties does not have to be so dense to the point where you can clearly see it as a tangible, easily perceivable form of “solid” in your space. Just imagine a glue substance that is a gas that is spread through the air and the effect is not concentrated in a small and limited area of reality, but is “spread out” through space and you are in that space dwelling in “glue gas.”

What is “glue?” Glue is a substances that stops, that fixes, that slows and inhibits. It has a FIXATIVE property. It stops change and fixes structures through a fixed bonding between surfaces of a given structure and itself as a substance. So everything becomes “fixed” – “frozen” in a static, unchanging form and structure.

Life is MOTION and CHANGE – when there is no motion, there is no Life. We can further say that Life exists in the form of DIRECTED motion and change. When the motions and changes of various compounds and structures are not organized and directed, a complex ORGANISM cannot emerge or continue to create itself.

Organism is a form of ORGANIZED AND DIRECTED CHANGE. When organized (or controlled) and directed change is no longer possible, an organism – as a form of Life – seizes to be. It becomes a static OBJECT – a thing that cannot change. That’s how formaldehyde kills microorganisms and “fixes” organic tissues – IT STOPS CHANGE FROM HAPPENING – IT STOPS THINGS FROM CHANGING. Therefore, in a formaldehyde polluted place, one can even experience PRESSURE as if something is putting out a RESISTANCE TO CHANGE, a resistance to an effort for MOTION, a resistance to maintaining PRESENCE and BEING in itself.

As it mixes with water – the effect of glue is now in a LIQUID FORM of increasing density – as SATURATION of formaldehyde though the waters of the body begins to increase. There is progressive INHIBITION OF CHANGE AND MOTION.

Motion depends on the ABILITY TO PRODUCE ENERGY. One of the effects of formaldehyde is progressive inhibition of ENERGY PRODUCTION within the cells of the body. Energy is used to power ACTIVE CHANGES in the body. Inhibition of energy is like the inhibition of fire and glow within the body – the glow of energy, the glow of life that powers the organism. It gives a possibility for motion and change within the organism and in the interaction of the organism with things in the environment.

The basic change in a cell is DIVISION. Division is a precursor to the creation of SEPARATE OBJECTS. There would be no differences, if there was no separation. One separates from the other, and there is a difference.

Formaldehyde inhibits and debilitates consciousness of cells heavily effected, just as it does with human consciousness as a whole. Once the consciousness of a cell is inhibited and debilitated – it can no longer “see” (be aware of) and INTER-ACT with its environment. It folds down on itself, so as a human folds down on oneself with progressive inhibition of consciousness and the increasing reduction of one’s ENERGY POTENTIAL, or the ABILITY TO PRODUCE.

SEPARATION is one of the most basic EXPRESSIONS of energy – a moving away from the center in different directions.

Cells begin to separate as a form of basic energy expression – in order to keep on with manifestation of LIFE CREATION, but at its most basic level as separation and multiplication. Multiplication is a continual reproduction of the action of moving away in different directions from the center – a kind of repeat of a “controlled explosion” that actually produces new structures.

A cancer cell is a sick and debilitated cell that is on the way to die. And in response to this advancing inhibition into death, it pushes back in order to maintain life in the form of repetition of basic cycles of LIFE AND ENERGY CREATION – reproducing separation, and hence multiplication, in order to overcome the INHIBITION OF THE IMPULSE OF LIFE itself.

It may be that tumor growth is a manifestation of this effort, of cells out of control in lack of orderly structure and awareness of the surrounding environment. They push their way into life THROUGH THE INHIBITION. They “see” the INHIBITION – they no longer see or connect to the bigger structure of the organism. They have lost INTER-ACTION, the CONNECTION and CO-OPERATION. It now operates on its own against the PERCEIVED FACTOR OF INHIBITION.

CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION of cells must be restored. The waters must be CLEAR – because through clear water is how cells CONNECT and SHARE RESOURCES. They have to be able to share CHEMICALS and SIGNALS between each other – the flow of other molecules and motions through electron clouds (i.e. energy).

The source of ENERGY INHIBITION must then be identified and removed.

Formaldehyde INHIBITS CELLULAR ENERGY PRODUCTION. The motion of chemicals is accomplished with the use of ENERGY – the PUSH THROUGH THE WATERS. If water becomes POLLUTED WITH MATERIAL OF INCREASING “DENSITY,” the PUSH OF SUBSTANCES and the SENDING OF SIGNALS becomes more difficult. There is an increasing HALTING RESISTANCE. Formaldehyde does not want to move, and it inhibits MOTION OF OTHER THINGS THROUGH THE WATER.

Energy is motion. CARBON ATOMS IN THE WATER act as “stabilizers – they RESTRICT MOTION. Restriction in motion leads to RESTRICTION IN ENERGY.

Ozone increases RE-ACTIVITY. It introduces GREATER CHANGE into the ENERGY STRUCTURE of the organism. Energy is a visible manifestation of change – energy is created with change.

Formaldehyde makes water more and more difficult to change as it itself resists motion and therefore resists change. To change, to energize, to create motion in something – is the way to overcome inhibition.

Introducing Ozone introduces greater REACTIVITY, greater CHANGEABILITY. Changeability of substance. Water has greater changeability than formaldehyde. Formaldehyde resists change and FORMS INTO POLYMERS with greater concentration – hence, INCREASED SATURATION of formaldehyde leads to the problems that it does. The AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT of the organism becomes more dense and resistant to change. It becomes more “static.” The increasing densities inhibit COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION of CELLS through the WATER with EACH OTHER.

The key to energy production by cells is OXYGEN. Oxygen can serve as a conduit of change in the organism. It is a “carrier” of energy, as it is a carrier of change. Many chemical reactions are made possible and can be sped up with oxygen. Oxygen is used to for making changes in the organism. And Ozone delivers an extra punch – as three oxygen atoms in unison bring greater reactivity and so greater potential for change. Ozone falls, or expands, apart quickly to form more stable oxygen molecules – this “moving apart” is a form of change. It introduces an “extra kick” of CHANGE that can be used to break down formaldehyde polymerization.

But change can also be sped up by BREATHING OXYGEN in a chamber with the appropriate concentration of oxygen – the concentration can be regulated in order to restore a person’s CONTROL OF ONE’S METABOLISM – the REGULATION OF ONE’S OXYGEN and the EXTENT OF CHANGES in the body.

In order to increase change, one breaths “in and through oxygen” – learning to BE IN oxygen, to USE oxygen and BE oxygen. It’s better for this of course to be IN oxygen gas, not simply inhale oxygen gas through an inhaler.

Being IN oxygen gas and breathing THROUGH oxygen will pervade one’s entire body with oxygen much more effectively. In such a way, formaldehyde liquid “solidification” can be undone through GENERATING GREATER MOTION with oxygen – motion of energy through the body, through the tissues.

So yes, indeed, one can recover from formaldehyde quite effectively by spending extended amount of time in locations with EXTRA OXYGEN – such as in wooded areas of large expanse of trees or near large bodies of water – like the oceans.

Technically, any carbon based gases – such as from car exhaust – can slow down change. They are not oxygen. They are heavier to process and impress a burden onto the organism. STANDING CARBON POLLUTION in places like Los Angeles eventually inhibits life, and by extension – consciousness – from happening.

It inhibits CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION between people, just as the similar type of pollution can inhibit connection and communication between cells in the organism. No clear water – no communication among cells. No clear air – no sharing and exchanging of energy between people. ENERGIZING AIR – is a clear air full of oxygen – air that can be used to produce greater amount of energy, and hence consciousness.

CLEAR AIR –> clear energy exchange –> greater potential for energy flow and exchange. With pollution, people themselves becomes “heavier” and more “burdened.” Their ENERGY CAPACITY is reduced. Their ability for creating a SHARED CONSCIOUSNESS and a SHARED STRUCTURE of living is reduced. Hence, the sense of perpetual “isolation” from connecting with others. But obviously, a factor of a SHARED CULTURE is also at play. The formation of culture is inhibited with polluting substances that inhibit energy production and, hence, the function of consciousness itself.

INHIBITION OF ENERGY PRODUCTION causes cells to react and behave in abnormal ways, just as it does for humans. With MORE OXYGEN, cells – and humans – can produce MORE ENERGY. And ozonated water delivers extra reactive oxygen straight into the waters of the body.

Oxygen by and in itself is obviously not enough – as something must USE the oxygen to CREATE ACTIVITY. The USE OF OXYGEN to create more activity and change throughout the body could be seen as the basis of recovery from formaldehyde intoxication.

A person needs to be IN THE SPIRIT OF ACTION in order to use oxygen more effectively. That ACTION can be in the form of PHYSICAL ACTION; or in the form of COMMUNICATION, or some INTERACTION with other humans and the general environment. It could also be in the form of THINKING, such as the activity that I have been doing here – with the use of this website and other mediums of thought formation, development and communication.



At the height of my formaldehyde intoxication when I was feeling slow, “numb” and increasingly “absent” – as if a part of my identity was somehow not there, I had a thought in the back of my mind that this is what it must be like for people on antidepressants. And then I specifically thought of LITHIUM. I have never taken antidepressants, or lithium for that matter, but somehow I understood the condition. I took note of these thoughts at the time, but I did not specifically look up any information about lithium.

While continuing with my thought process summarized above, I wondered why it is that Oxygen in water results in greater energy while Carbon in water (as a part of water-like formaldehyde molecule) results in stagnation and inhibition, as compared to water without it.

Oxygen is almost right next to Carbon on the Periodic Table – to the left after Nitrogen – meaning that it has MORE ELECTRONS in its outer shell – 6 as opposed to 4 for Carbon. And as the total number of possible electrons for this shell is 8, Oxygen has more electrons to give than to accept, whereas Carbon is 50/50 – 4 to give, 4 to accept. Probably not an absolute rule for all elements, but I thought that more electrons in the outer shell must mean that there is greater energy potential, while more space for accepting electrons would mean a more inhibitive function – in terms of energy movement through the element.

I looked all the way to the left for an element that has the least available electrons – 1 – and the most available spaces – 7 – for accepting them, and I saw LITHIUM. I look up lithium as a drug, and what do I see – ADVERSE EFFECTS OF LITHIUM [as listed in Wikipedia entry] very closely describe what I experienced with formaldehyde intoxication.

– Dry mouth
– Decreased memory
– Muscle weakness
Myoclonus — muscle twitching.
– Weight gain
Extrapyramidal side effects [These symptoms include dystonia (continuous spasms and muscle contractions), akathisia (motor restlessness), parkinsonism (characteristic symptoms such as rigidity), bradykinesia (slowness of movement), tremor, and tardive dyskinesia (irregular, jerky movements).]
– Even some “Hair loss/hair thinning” and “Polyuria — increased urination.”
– I also experienced this sense of swelling in the front of my neck beneath the throat, but I’m not sure if it was related to thyroid gland specifically as noted for lithium.
– Toward the end of my progressive intoxication experience, I also started getting a sense of nausea, especially in the morning, and at times a sense of spinning or some kind of motion when there was none – a symptom identified as “Vertigo.”

Though I did not have digestion related problems that I could relate to formaldehyde intoxication specifically. The only symptom I noticed in this area is the loss of appetite which coincides with the experience of metabolic stagnation.

And sure enough, blurred vision is also a possible side effect for lithium, just as with formaldehyde. See pages on lithium: / /

There are other notable symptomatic similarities like: “bloated feeling or pressure in the stomach,” “Occasional Numbness, Prickling, Or Tingling Of Fingers And Toes,” “Abnormally Low Blood Pressure” or “High Pressure Within The Skull.”

Basically, the similarity between one and the other is quite striking to say the least.

Lithium is used as an “antidepressant” and it is also used as a “mood stabilizer” to treat bypolar disorder – meaning that in some abstract sense, it is probably used to INHIBIT (NEUROLOGICAL) CHANGE making the person feel “even” and probably “numb.”

“Emotional numbness or a dull feeling” is described as one of the side effects of lithium on this web page. And people do complain about such side effects if you look through forums (example).

Musician Evanesence also made a song Lithium: Evanescence – Lithium (Official Music Video). A notable comment beneath the video: “I have been on lithium for almost five years, dealing with bipolar disorder, and I can say, that the whole first year of the medication felt exactly like this song. You feel nothing, the numbness is almost more painful than the depression that’s being treated.

That’s the field of “mental health” for you.

Why so many people seem to struggle with a loss in ability to regulate their own biochemistry? – that’s the question that needs to be asked.

The knowledge about neurological and physiological effects from continuous or periodic exposure to a widespread chemical like formaldehyde could provide many people with some answers in relationship to the seemingly endless struggle with trying to maintain control over their own biochemistry – and hence their thoughts, emotions, mood and the overall energy level.


Insight Development:

DEBILITATION OF THOUGHTS FROM TOP OF THE HEAD DOWN: If formaldehyde accumulates in liquid, then it would make sense that there would be a downward “pressure” and biochemical debilitation – experienced as a “scrambling” of thoughts and a difficulty to “push upward.” The upward layer of the brain is where higher thoughts can be synthesized, including into speech.


A sense of GRIP around the head (and in the back of the neck), as if something or someone was holding your head – formaldehyde polymerization of liquids around the brain (and down the neck – through the spinal cord – hence, a sense of intensifying tension and a sense of “solidification” down the spine).

The cells may have enzymes to protect themselves from within but what about the LIQUID? What is to stop polymerization of liquid?

Neurons use liquids for synthesizing and growing new connections. If liquid is restricted, then will be the activity, including the activity of THINKING.