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The information on this page is complimentary to information on page Mechanics of Abuse and Suppressive Manipulation.

This page is dedicated to exploring a rather odd phenomenon in human psychology and behavior of a certain type of people that seem to “specialize” in blocking the creative activities of others.

On individual case basis, people in general would block or protest something they don’t understand, disagree with, cannot handle, find threatening, unpleasant or whatever else. While the general concept of blocking could apply to such specific and isolated instances, this is not the main subject of this page.

This page is about people who are continuously engaged in blocking or otherwise debilitating the thoughts, emotions, intentions, personas and activities of other people, usually in very “concealed” and insidious ways that are effective to the extent of inability to clearly recognize, understand and be able to handle such destructive engagement (interaction) by target individuals.


Relevant Terminology

The word PSYCHE means “the soul, mind, or personality of a person or group” [Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary] and can also be referred to as “human consciousness.” Also, more detailed definitions:

The human mind as the central force in thought, emotion, and behavior of an individual. [Wiktionary]

The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and behavior and consciously or unconsciously adjusting or mediating the body’s responses to the social and physical environment. [The American Heritage Dictionary, 5th Edition]

PSYCHIC then appropriately refers to “the psyche or mind, or to mental activity in general.” [Wiktionary]

The term PSYCHIC ENERGY basically refers to the energy of consciousness responsible for producing awareness, formulating meaning and producing expressions. It also includes the energy within human body that works to organize and direct its various activities.

PSYCHIC CONTENT refers more specifically to the products of psychic energy in the form of thoughts, emotions, visions, direction in activity, etc.

Using speech as as an analogy, psychic energy would be analogous to sound in general while psychic content would be analogous to various words and meaningful sentences formed with the use of sound. If someone could produce and hear sound in general, it doesn’t mean that they would also be able to produce and understand various words and sentences that could be formulated with the use of sound. So if someone could, for example, produce some form of psychic energy, it does not automatically mean they would be able to produce meaningful and complex constructs with that energy. Hence, it is important to draw that differentiation between an ability to produce psychic energy and an ability to produce meaningful constructs with that energy.

The world BLOCKING is used in its standard dictionary sense:

The action or fact of blocking or obstructing someone or something. [Oxford Dictionary]

To prevent movement through or past something, or to prevent something from happening or succeeding. [block, Cambridge Dictionary]

PSYCHIC ENERGY BLOCKING refers to actions or activity of basically blocking human consciousness and the “products” of its activity such as the creation of personality (or identity), thoughts, perceptions, emotions, activities, relationships, or an overall culture as a collective creation, or even the creation of body form and its appearance. The general concept of “blocking” is meant to embrace other concepts such as subverting, perverting, debilitating, destroying or inhibiting.

Someone who engages in the act of psychic energy blocking will be referred to as a PSYCHIC ENERGY BLOCKER, or an “energy blocker” or just a “blocker” for the sake of brevity. A “psychologically destructive person” is another fitting description.

A few parallels of the content described on this page can be found under the subject of a “suppressive person” in Scientology. However, this subject in Scientology was never expanded to satisfactory cover and understand the actual reality of this phenomenon but was instead twisted to be used as a form of “psychic energy blocking” in itself against any form of criticisms or hostile attitude toward Scientology.

In the field of spirituality these people have been commonly referred to as “psychic energy vampires” or “toxic” individuals. While target individuals may feel drained or exhausted of “psychic energy” in connection to such people, psychic energy blockers do not necessarily “consume” the energy that they target – hence, a “vampire” may not technically be a correct term to describe them. It is in fact their inability to effectively “intake” and “process” psychic energy or, more specifically, psychic content produced by others, that can be found at the root of the problem (see section UNDERLYING CONDITION).


Behavioral Characteristics

Psychic Energy blockers can sometimes be very hard to identify due to the reasons described below but can be identified nevertheless by being able to understand and recognize the TACTICS that they commonly employ in the action of blocking the psychic activities of other individuals. As different people have different values and priorities, different ways of thinking and operating in the world, the APPROACH of an energy blocker could change depending on the “psychological makeup” of target individuals, but some general bullet points can still be established as something to watch out for in trying to identify such people.

For the sake brevity, acronyms will be employed: E.B. (ee bee) for an energy blocker and T.I. (tee i) for a target individual.


Energy blockers seek to establish themselves in a position of authority (or some form of “superiority”) over target individuals which can indeed be entire populations (when such individuals rise to the level of national or international authorities) which quickly turns into a form of oppression usually cloaked with a veil of altruism [as further explained below].



The general characteristic of an energy blocker is continuous, unrelenting efforts to manipulate target individuals in their thinking, actions, and emotions. Such people seem to be continuously preoccupies with the business of other people from a position of wanting to somehow DOMINATE their psychological activities. A particular form of domination could be different – it could be direct threat and intimidation or domination through the induction of guilt and sympathy.

The same energy blocker could change their approach quite rapidly and dramatically even within the same relationship and within the same situation. For example, if intimidation fails to subjugate the target, an energy blocker can shift and play a victim as merely another technique in an attempt to psychologically subdue the target.

For example, E.B. employs intimidation, T.I. protests and somehow attacks the E.B. in self defense; the E.B. then shifts into acting like a pathetic victim suffering from the aggressive actions of the T.I. The T.I. now sees the E.B. as “harmless” and self as the aggressor in the “wrong” and so continues to associate with the E.B. now seemingly having no valid reason to continue to “handle” the past attacks, often times not realizing that now suffering with a sense of guilt and negative thoughts of oneself is yet another attack created by the E.B. aimed at further blocking the thoughts and emotions of the T.I. Through such “shifts” in manipulation techniques, the target individual could effectively be reduced to a state of confused apathy and intellectual oblivion at which point the energy blocker could shift yet again and proceed to dominate and block / drain the target as someone who is trying to “help” the “ally in distress” while in fact creating and perpetuating the “distress” which they will claim is caused by something else.

An energy blocker continuously manipulates the CONCEPTS OF IDENTITIES within the relationship – the way the target individual views one’s own self and the energy blocker within the relationship. In normal human relationships people give each other at least some space to be how their want to be. There seems to be no personal space allowed by an energy blocker who attempts to dominate, psychologically, the entire reality of the target individual(s). A common tool in the “arsenal” of E.B.’s psychological manipulation is a “hypnotic” charm or charisma radiated by the E.B. to attract and “pacify” prospective victims.

Also note, that to continuously force thoughts, emotions, activities, or a vision of identity on a person is to effectively block the creation of their own.



An energy blocker will often feed continuous “problems” into the mind of target individuals usually presenting oneself as some kind of a “solution.” An energy blocker will even become a “problem” to be “solved” by the target individual in order to have the target individual continue to WASTE one’s psychic energy on basically pointless drama away from truly productive activities.

An energy blocker will invent upsets and issues to be addressed which will seemingly continue to grow and “morph in shape” the more the target individual works on resolving them. One of the most direct evidence of “problem creation” is unrelenting criticism where the point of criticism is continued criticism itself and not necessarily the actual subjects of criticism. For example, if you are doing something, they may criticize you for the fact or the way you are doing it; if you are doing nothing, they will criticize you for not doing something.

This can get T.I. caught up in endless explanations, clarifications, and reasoned responses which will simply be blocked and confused in furthering E.B.’s aims to reduce the target individual’s reality into nothing. An energy blocker can mimic “attentive listening” which will “mysteriously” leave the target individual drained and confused after the conversation is over and usually with some “unexplained” negative sense about oneself.

An energy blocker can often project a vision of a “bad situation” or condition into your mind in order to then present oneself as a “helping hand” to help you resolve the “problem” that you may not have had to begin with or not to the extent portrayed by the energy blocker. Those in connection with an energy blocker can often find themselves caught up in a “mysteriously” unending struggle with bad conditions and situations which are in fact being continuously projected into target individual’s consciousness as visions by the energy blocker who continues to maintain a front of a “concerned ally wanting to help.” Remove the negative projections, and a person can literally wake up to a new reality in their life.

An energy blocker will feed target individual(s) with false causes, evaluations and explanations for the problems they are creating. They will feed you with reasons why you should not be happy with yourself, with your life, with your job, your marriage, your current situation, with your activities and accomplishments… etc. That is, while they actively work to bring about a demise in your life, they will populate your mind with all kinds of false reasons behind the deteriorating conditions in your life and often in your health.

See page PROBLEMS AND PERCEPTION, especially section on BLOCKED PERCEPTION for further understanding behind the mechanics of “problem creation” in someone’s mind.

Upon closer examination, energy blockers will often be found to be destroying the things they claim to be defending and empowering the things they claim to be fighting against. They’ll claim to be for the family, company, country, some group… while in fact destroying it in the process. The fight for equality and justice by such people will lead to more inequality and injustice. The fight against drugs and crime will “mysteriously” result in greater proliferation of drugs and crime. They will label heroes as villains and villains as heroes. And they will often accuse and attack others for the very things that they are doing, which is also a form of redirecting attention from themselves and their own activities.

They will commonly promote a conflict as a good thing and vilify those that try to resolve it as in fact somehow causing it.

They’ll attack target individuals for trying to understand and resolve a bad situation, and try to convince them that a good situation is a bad situation that they need to resolve. Likewise, they’ll try to convince a target individual that he/she should be happy with something that he/she is not happy with and unhappy with something that the he/she is happy with, or doesn’t see to be a problem.

And so misery perpetuates and the good times never seem to last or arrive in the first place, in interpersonal relations and on national levels alike where energy blockers manage to secure a free and uninhibited operation.



Sanity in this project is defined as an ability to form visions of reality based on reasoning and observations [see page SANITY AND INSANITY]. An energy blocker will continuously challenge target individual’s sense of reality with SEEMINGLY “reasonable” (but actually completely unnecessarily, inappropriate and off the subject) statements and critical remarks usually delivered in an authoritative and “morally superior” fashion to derail target individual’s thinking into a realm of confused irrationality and senseless introversion on some imagined wrongs with oneself made up by the energy blocker.

Observations and reasoning about the psychic energy blocker, or other people, or oneself, some specific situation, one’s life in general or virtually ANY SUBJECT will be skillfully twisted and perverted by the energy blocker to serve as “proof” of target individual’s “incompetency,” accusations of “ill intent,” or any other form of twisted malarkey [senseless talk].



Over time the E.B. will work to discredit and nullify EVERYTHING in target individual’s life. T.I.’s sense of self will be compromised; other people and visions of those people in T.I.’s mind will be invalidated; T.I.’s passions will turn to worthless activities, accomplishments into failures, rational viewpoints and solutions into psychological issues and problems. ANY FORM OF EXPRESSION OR REALITY in T.I.’s existence will be nullified to the extent of physical demise of target individual as from some kind of usually strange and unexplained disorder (like cancer that seemed to appear out of nowhere and take person’s life), strange accident, or even suicide due to overwhelming sense of personal failure, deepening apathy, and unresolving confusion brought about by the E.B.’s “handy work.”

Typically, an energy blocker will “convince” the target individual that he or she is a “danger” and a “problem” to other people, to society, and even to one’s self with nothing of worth to offer to anyone regardless of what the T.I. could do or think or want for other people, for oneself, or for the world at large. This is a factor of psychological disconnection from any other point of reality where an energy blocker is the only “source of authority” left to dictate into the mind of target individuals whose own minds have been incapacitated to produce any clear reasoning and observations to operate in a SELF-DIRECTED fashion. This is the very reason that target individuals can get caught up in a web of ongoing abuse and manipulation for years without being able to formulate a clear view of reality of the ongoing relationship with an energy blocker.

Subversive influence can become so deep and extensive that even when target individuals receive real help and insight from external sources, they may still be unable to “see” actual reality of what is happening especially that the energy blocker usually preemptively has already nullified any thoughts of criticism toward oneself and has vilified or otherwise invalidated any other person or potential source of influence in the minds of target individuals.

In T.I.’s mind, the E.B. will be seen as a “determined ally” while other people that are trying to help as “evil subversives” when the opposite is actually the case. This is why it could actually be quite troublesome trying to help a target individual while such individual is still under firm psychological influence of an energy blocker. Deluded in one’s thinking and perception, the T.I. may respond with attacks on the person trying to help. [This is why in Scientology an individual under the influence of a “suppressive person” was labeled as a PTS – a potential trouble source.]

Effective resolution often “arrives” when the target individual starts to regain a sense of reality and actively seeks help and resolution. Otherwise, direct intervention would usually require someone with knowledge and power to not only see the reality of what is happening but to also effectively nullify the energy blocker and his or her psychological grip on the thinking, perception and emotions of the target individual(s).



The interplay of the above factors could ultimately lead to an increasing sense of psychological isolation and “void” in the target individual as the “psychic energy body” of the T.I. gets “chiseled” away by the E.B. to the point of the physical demise of T.I.’s “reality construct” – the “loss of reality” in terms of relationships with other people, one’s activities in life, one’s possessions / property, one’s “energy level” that fuels emotions and physical impetus, and eventually a biological system of energy that sustains the functions of one’s physical body which will begin to fail.

Target individuals will commonly APPEAR to be engaged in some form of “self-destruction” in the form of increasing substance abuse or other forms of destructive habits and activities to include odd mistakes and bad decisions.

The gradual destruction of the reality of target individuals can be seen as a progressive erosion of that individual’s “energy body” and a system of energies in that person’s life (such as relationships with other people, objects, and other environmental factors).



A psychic energy blocker will typically present oneself as a helping ally or some altruist fighting against injustice for the well being of other people, and then from a position of such “noble authority” will proceed to inject destructive thoughts and emotions into the consciousness of target individuals. That is, destructive negativity is usually disguised with a cloak of altruism and so is much harder to detect and be recognized for what it is. This “tactic” can even be seen in national and international politics throughout human history. Countries, political ideologies or religious movements operating with a front of altruistic intentions while leaving nothing but destruction and devastation in their wake and yet continuing on to maintain a status of some grant father figures, saviors, saints, or shining examples of “freedom and democracy” for “the good of the people.”

On a personal level, an energy blocker will be usually found to react with negative emotions on any subject in target individual’s life which will be masked with voluminous reasoning about why the target individual cannot be happy with oneself, one’s insights, activities and accomplishments, or anything else that the target individual may present to the energy blocker. All other relationships and activities in one way or another will be downplayed and discredited even if the E.B. pretends an initially happy reaction which will be used as a “smokescreen” – a false general impression of E.B.’s reaction – which will serve to occlude subversive critical remarks, dips in emotional tone communicating apathy, frustration, and senseless disappointment that will not be subject to logical processing by the T.I. In such a way, target individual’s successes and accomplishments could seem to become irrelevant and even seem to take on the form of “failures” and in fact a “lack of accomplishments” in the mind of the T.I. The sense of self and rational evaluation of one’s life will be continuously compromised by the E.B. who will invent things to say and emotions to display in an effort to psychologically obliterate otherwise noble and constructive intentions and accomplishments of the T.I.

Energy blockers will use “noble” and altruistic concepts like family, relationship, nation, society, “the people,” and the like to in fact attack and destroy these realities that they pretend to stand for. They will use the concept of a “relationship” to attack the person in a relationship and undermine the relationship itself. They’ll even use some abstract concept or vision of “you” while destroying the actual reality of you in the process – using the concept of “you” as some kind of a cloaking abstraction to cover their destructive action toward the actual you. This is using a concept of individual’s identity to attack the actual identity of the individual making it seem like they are doing it for individual’s own good.

This is why it can be so hard to identity, as such people will “press” a false vision of reality into the consciousness of target individuals to conceal their destructive actions. They will often use the concept of other people to pass on their subversive “opinions” which in target individual’s mind will take on the appearance of opinions by other people: by men, women, one’s own family members or friends, the people in one’s country, one’s prospective employers… or even some specific person who’s opinions an energy blocker will pretend to represent.

They’ll tell you that someone else will be upset, or not interested, or won’t like something about you, or whatever else with no basis in reality to their claims. It’s just a SUBVERSIVE PROJECTION into your consciousness to block you from expressing yourself and continuing to create your life and whatever it is that you want to create in it.

Energy blockers will pretend to express approval, agreement, or admiration, or make compliments in order to open up or predispose target individual’s consciousness to the receipt of subversive criticism, doubts, negative emotions, or a disastrous advice.

In interpersonal relations, they can also use concept like love, care, worry or concern to conceal dramatization of their destructive insanity toward the target individual.

They’ll use a concept of “success” in order to actually prevent others from achieving or maintaining it.

An energy blocker may deliver some small gestures of pretended help which is simply yet another tactic in the “arsenal” of psychological manipulation and is usually somewhere on a level of “using your kitchen to make you a sandwich and taking your entire house in exchange.” When asked for REAL HELP, even something that seems insignificant in effort, the E.B. will come up with a whole slew of reasons why that help cannot be provided, but instead will use the opportunity to further attack and subvert the T.I. If some real help is provided, the E.B. will use it as a tool in the arsenal of attacks toward the T.I. Some even minor help from the E.B. will transform to mean that you owe to them for the rest of your entire life regardless of how much you may have done for the energy blocker and without any expectations.

They seem to be incapable of generating happy emotions in their own space to enjoy living as it is, but they will project “happy emotions” toward others as a form of “cloaking” to eventually deliver the destructive negativity.

They’ll assume a position of a “builder” and defender of some reality in order to covertly bring about its destruction.



An energy blocker can be seen to ALWAYS be preoccupied with the lives of other people, never engaging in genuine reflections (thinking) about one’s own self, since there is really no self to reflect upon in the first place. But self-reflection can be mimicked by an energy blocker as a manipulation technique. In fact, an E.B. can appear to be highly egocentric seemingly always concerned with one’s own feelings and sentiments while negating those of others. This is a technique to have the attention of others riveted on the energy blocker away from their own selves.

An energy blocker PROJECTS AN IDENTITY OF SELF while in fact lacking actual self-identity. Hence, the lack of mirror reflection is one of the well known characteristics of the fictional vampires in traditional folklore which are actually allegories that in symbolic language describe the phenomena of psychic energy “vampirism” which is actually psychic energy blocking.

It can indeed seem to be impossible to “connect” to the actual self of a psychic energy blocker which can be one of the most direct “identification criteria.” If after having associated with someone for a while you try to see that persons with your “mind’s eye” and all you can see are PROJECTIONS – created visions projected into your mind of their identity and that of your own identity (the way you see yourself) and other forms of psychological manipulations – as opposed to someone who conducts their own business in life with their unique personal characteristics, it could be a sure sign that the person you are looking at is an energy blocker (with seemingly no actual self to look at). Does the person you are looking at have genuine interests and hobbies that exist in space of their own? Or is it always some kind of problems, upsets, unnecessary criticism, manipulation of perception, senseless (irrational) hostility, guilt inducing blame, “disappointments,” accusations… etc?


Additional insights:

Energy blockers will distort the intended meaning of communication in order to block the intended message and use the now misrepresented communication to attack and misrepresent the communicator.

Actively ignoring a person who wants to talk or give attention is a form of psychic energy blocking, but so as continuing to insist on interaction with the person who doesn’t want it.

Energy blockers will commonly attribute the accomplishments of target individuals to themselves.


Underlying Condition

A psychic energy blocker is someone who seems to generate their psychic energy by blocking or otherwise debilitating the psychic activities of others. In a way, they have to rely on psychic content produced by others to provide them with something to do. It is not necessarily that they cannot produce their own energy; it’s just their energy is directed at attacking the creativity of other people. And while target individual can experience a “loss of energy,” the blockers do not necessarily consume it.

A boxing match between two opponents could be a good analogy. When one boxer delivers a successful hit to another, the other boxer may experience weakness and a “loss of energy” while the one that succeeds in delivering the intended effect could experience a rise in energy and exhilaration. However, it doesn’t mean that the one that delivered a successful hit in actual fact “consumed” the energy of another.

On a level of psychic energy, however, the sensation on the receiving end could indeed be similar to that of “being eaten,” as if the blocker is “eating away” at different aspects of target individual’s personality, thoughts, emotions, plans for life… or even aspects of one’s physical reality in terms of good health.

While a blocker does work to destroy psychic content of target individuals, it is unclear how or if they actually “consume” the psychic content that they target.

The overall mechanics of the production and receipt of psychic energy could be understood with this principle which is also the reason why “vampirism” may not be an appropriate term to describe such people:


In order to able to successfully “intake” the psychic content of another, one must be able to generate similar psychic content of their own. Understanding and comprehension requires INTERNAL REPRODUCTION ABILITY (duplication) of the form of psychic content one is trying to understand. In other words, someone will not be able to understand thoughts, emotions, visions or the goals of someone else if they are unable to reproduce and view such psychic content within their own consciousness.

Probably one of the most direct examples of this principle is in learning a new language when you truly begin to understand the language in the process of actually using it – being able to actively (re)produce it with your own consciousness. That’s why someone can “study” a language for years with rote memorization and grammar rules to only discover that they have zero understanding of what people are saying in real time. And so, not to look stupid, people will often MIMIC UNDERSTANDING with “attentive listening” and “confirmations” (okay… aha…) without actually understanding the meaning of what is being communicated to them. They will also commonly attempt to “stop” (block) the communicator from further communication. And someone who also lacks “common intelligence” may also start to antagonize against the communicator misconstruing the basic meaning of the interaction to begin with.

It is evident in such individuals that they are in fact incapable of duplicating or reproducing psychic content generated by others. The perception or “understanding” that they construct is like something out of a different dimension disconnected from the reality of actual psychic content that they may be responding to. While psychic energy blockers seem to be incapable of formulating a clear, comprehensive, and coherent view of the psychic reality of other individuals, they nevertheless produce psychic content that is actually a product of some form of psychological debility which they nevertheless try to force onto target individuals in obliteration of meaningful psychic content of those individuals.

Upon closer examination, someone who is a psychic energy blocker will be found to be in fact incapable of full perception of the thoughts, emotions, and the actual personas of other people even though they can pose “favorable” reactions such as those of approval, admiration, or agreement which nevertheless will leave a target individual with a sense of not being truly understood or recognized.

For this same reason, they will also be found incapable of thinking in terms of actual realities of different people and related situations which they will nevertheless conceal with an exaggerated sense of self-importance,  pretended “expertise” and attacks on anyone questioning their competence.

Upon closer examination, a blocker will seem to be at “apathy” or some odd indifference or antagonism on virtually any subject, except maybe for some limited sphere where they manage to function. While they will continue to demand attention and continued engagement from others in relationship to themselves, they will nevertheless be negating and blocking the thoughts, emotions, and intentions produced and expressed by individuals interacting with them as something useless, meaningless or “wrong.” This negation can take on a “passive” form where the blocker will pretend “attentive listening” while continuing to negate internally leaving target individuals with a bad sense afterwards like everything they just communicated went into some “dark void.”

In general, a person would not be able to see a meaning they cannot formulate themselves to begin with. A person will see something as “meaningless” the meaning of which they cannot formulate and hence cannot comprehend.

Energy blockers will commonly even attack various aspects of target individual’s physical appearance as the physical body construct and its expressions is also a form of meaningful construct in the “aether of space.” The body even has its own energy field that can be felt as someone’s “presence.” An energy blocker will negate against some aspects of such physical presence leading to the physical deterioration in target individuals.

Psychic energy blockers lack true intelligence which is nevertheless cleverly concealed. Virtually incapable of original thought or creativity, they will engage in mimicry and pretended alignment with someone who does. It seems their only skill is in psychologically oppressing and fooling others so those people do not figure out the extent of their staggering incompetence.

Oddly enough, such people will often pretend expertise in anything and everything and will attempt to force their “expert opinion” or “advise” from some position of assumed authority against the reasoned protests of target individuals which an energy blocker will proceed to attack in various ways as being incompetent or lacking true determination or whatever else. Fooling others with their made up “superiority,” superimposed with displays of exaggerated self-importance, they can rise to positions of leadership where they will have others do most of the work while nevertheless bringing a given activity into inevitable decline through their incompetent leadership.

They will not admit non-comprehension since such self-reflective awareness of one’s mind is in itself a form of meaningful psychic content that must be produced by individual’s intelligence. One must be able to understand what “understanding” is in order to know whether one understands something or not. Lack of such intelligence also means that such people are virtually incapable of genuine self-reflection in terms of being able to reflect upon and assess one’s own condition.

Memory is a form of “retention” of generated psychic content (thoughts, emotions, perceptions, etc) that also allows one to build on accumulating experience and thus achieve progression in one’s state of consciousness and understanding. Having low capacity for generating psychic content of their own, a psychic energy blocker will be found to have poor memory, low capacity for true learning and no evident change or progression especially when it comes to the relationships with others. Target individuals may find themselves re-experiencing the “same” moment or conversation again and again with similar reactions to the last. It could seem like a daunting task to get even the most basic concepts across to them with respect to something that needs to change or be reconsidered, the concepts which they will proceed to attack or passively negate in their usual fashion. They may develop some skill within a limited area during their formative years but then will stay mostly fixed in that area for the rest of life.

As self-awareness and change requires internal capacity for the production of meaningful psychic content, a psychic energy blocker cannot see or recognize that there is something wrong with them (but they may pretend to do so) and they cannot change. They also cannot understand the true meaning of what is being communicated to them about them, and the efforts to “help” such individuals will be subject to the same form of perverted negation and blocking as any other form of meaningful action or communication. This lack of perception and true comprehension extends to the very reality of their harm toward others as they do not perceive the actual reality of others to begin with. They can act to be very “personable,” but when you truly dig into their mind, other people to them are like some “distant” and “disposable” objects.

It should also be noted that physical energy is not quite the same as psychic energy. Someone can for example generate plenty of “force” in stating something, in terms of verbal communication, but the meaning of that communication won’t make much sense.


Possible Rehabilitation

As it requires active production of psychic content in order to form understanding and change, the only one who can ultimately help a psychic energy blocker is oneself.

Such an individual may be helped after they’ve experienced genuine recognition that there is something wrong with them by motivating them to produce various imaginations and emotions as a form of development exercise. But this must be done within strict “control guidelines” by someone who thoroughly understands the condition and will remain “detached” from any “psychic engagement” toward the energy blocker. A practitioner should NOT provide any “meaning” to the energy blocker including in the form of “wanting to help the person in need” or any other such emotional engagement and identity visions toward the energy blocker. The practitioner must also stay unmoved by any attempts at interpersonal engagement or “drama development” by the energy blocker.

Rules of therapy must be clearly outlined along with therapy’s objective which is about providing the subject with some space and opportunity to exercise developing their own meaning and various visions of reality and possible life goals as well as an ability to imagine those that could be created by others.


What to Do?

If you recognize yourself to be a target of psychic energy blocking, the first thing of course is developing a clear understanding of the mechanics involved so you can then effectively DISENGAGE FROM THE RELATIONSHIP with an identified blocker in your life – disengage from any further involvement spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Directing any further reasoning, emotions, or efforts toward the energy blocker in an attempt to resolve the “problems” with this person is likely to only continue to perpetuate the exact same cycle.

When directly challenged, these people can ordinarily go into a “psychotic outbreak” of feverish attacks and accusations, or fold down into a state of deep “victimhood” virtually “on the brink of death” from the stress of being challenged, or they will simply “blow away” (disappear without a trace) when faced with the potential of exposure as to the true nature of their activities – which is when they can no longer maintain their “cloak” of false personality and false intentions. Hence, vampires burn in the “light” in traditional vampire folklore – the light of exposure.

Disengaging from the relationship doesn’t mean that you seek to avoid and no longer ever have any contact with that person again in physical space. It means pulling your psychic energy from being involved in the relationship and redirecting it somewhere else – back toward yourself and building a better life for example. It also means IDENTIFYING AND PURGING FROM YOUR MIND FORMS OF DEBILITATING PSYCHIC CONTENT that may have been “injected” into your consciousness (such as in the form of destructive or irrational criticism and forms of reasoning, concepts, visions, emotions, etc.) while REHABILITATING YOUR ABILITY TO PRODUCE MEANINGFUL PSYCHIC CONTENT OF YOUR OWN.

The subversive influence will also commonly include visions and ideas aimed at exactly preventing you from disengaging from the relationship. Examples include ideas that you will not be able to make it in life without this person, or that this person is the only one who you could talk to and have relationships with, or that you would cause great pain and suffering onto this person if you left, or that something terrible would happen if you tried to leave. Depending on the extent of the relationship, you may realize that almost everything you thought and perceived to be the case was projected into your mind as part of psychological manipulation by the psychic energy blocker. Question everything.

In “notifying” the energy blocker, it is best to stay away from directing personal statements at that person or providing some explanatory reasoning that is likely to pull you into further “discussions” which will result in further nullification of your reasoning and perpetuation of the cycle that you are trying to terminate. Redirect the energy back to yourself and onto the situation away from the energy blocker. For example, you could say things like: “This relationships is no longer working for me.” “I no longer want to have these conversations.” “I want to focus on a different direction in my life.” In such a away, it is about you and the “relationship,” “conversations,” a “direction in your life” or whatever you choose to be the GENERAL situational target of your attention. This effectively takes attention away from continuing to be directed at the energy blocker. Don’t be personal and try to stay away from being pulled into any further drama or discussions. Do not provide specific reasons which will be easy targets for nullification. Be “polite” and professional, yet “detached” from any further interpersonal engagement. It will save you from any further interpersonal drudgery.

Energy blockers fear to be exposed for what they are, so avoiding provocations toward them and redirecting attention elsewhere saves you from getting them triggered into some potentially “desperate measures” against you. This is especially recommended when you are still in a weakened state without having developed “expertise” in the “art of psychological combat.” However, a non-confrontational approach may not be feasible or desirable when broad exposure is necessary such as when many people are involved. In such a case, you would have to “train” to become a “tough expert” yourself or get someone powerful to help you.

It does help to find someone who can help you through the transition especially by validating and empowering your newly emerging perception of reality of the relationship in question. Hence, stay away from “New Age” philosophies that will serve to somehow block or pervert your perception of the situation and introvert your attention back on some supposed wrong with yourself which is what the energy blocker has been doing all along. In fact, upon closer examination, many of the New Age practices will be found to be organized by the likes of energy blockers who will in their typical way use an “altruistic appeal,” in this case of spiritual advancement, to block a person from engagement with actual reality and actual problems while populating the mind(s) of target individual(s) with all sorts of made up problems with their thinking and actions. Under the banner of fighting against negative thoughts and emotions or the “ego,” the target individual’s ability to think, to freely express emotions, and to in fact have an identity of their own choosing and creation will be blocked while that individual’s consciousness will in fact be populated with negative thoughts, emotions, and a false sense of self, superimposed by the practitioners of “spirituality.”

The same logic applies to talking with weak minded or superficial individuals who cannot recognize or face difficult reality for what it is and will attempt to nullify your vision of the situation so they themselves don’t have to confront it.

Find someone who is strong, straightforward, and intelligent and possibly with experience in dealing with such situations.

The above simply outlines a general logic in the approach of handling the situation. Of course, any specific handling will depend on the specific set of circumstances of a situation in question.

Once you have disengaged and created some space for yourself where you can grow and develop, then it is time to invest into learning from your experiences and developing some skills and intelligence in the “art of psychological combat and defense” so then you can easily recognize and deal with psychic energy blockers you may encounter in the future. The key aspect of this is to be able to recognize and deflect negative visions and emotions projected toward you through any kind of cloaking of “altruism” which seems to be the primary method employed by such people in order to get psychologically “plugged in” into their prospective subjects.


Resolving the Relationship Construct

The technical definition for an IDENTITY in this project is “A vision of what someone or something is within a given relationship.”

If you were in a relationships with somebody, then it means that to some extent you were creating an identity of yourself and of that other person in the relationship. This in addition to recognizing the visions of identities that the other person may have been creating and somehow enforcing, if such was the case. Even though you may have been complying with a vision of your identity created by another in the relationship, you nevertheless have also created your own concept of yourself within that relationship such as, for example, someone who is complying with that other person.

Even after having disengaged from the relationship in the physical reality, you may find yourself continuing to be “stuck” in that relationship within the space of consciousness. The very creation of the relationship construct must be resolved in order for the creative energy to be liberated so that it can be directed elsewhere.

What concept / vision of yourself did you have in the relationship?

What concept / vision of the other person did you have in the relationship?

What concept / vision did that other person have / present of you?

What concept / vision did that other person have / present of themselves?

Once you become clearly aware of what you were creating in terms of yourself and what you were creating in terms of the other, your consciousness will be liberated to focus on creating a different identity and a different relationship.

Leaving the very fact of relationship creation unresolved is the very reason that someone could seemingly end up in the same “relationship construct” again and again, as one’s consciousness was not “re-calibrated” for a different form of reality to begin with.


Resolving Created Problems

A problem is defined in this project as a “perceived barrier toward desired outcome.” As was already noted, psychic energy blockers often populate the mind of target individuals with all sorts of PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS and situational challenges to constructing a meaningful existence. These psychological barriers must be identified and resolved in order to liberate one’s psychic energy for productive operation. If someone clearly understands what a problem is, a question could be as simple as:

What problem did that person create for you? [asked repeatedly to identify various specific problems]

Note, the created problems could also be “non-specific” or “generalized” in nature. For example, continuous debilitation and negation of the meaning of another’s communication could lead them to form generalized conclusion that it is pointless to try to communicate to others in general which will become a form of problem (a barrier) in itself.

See page PROBLEMS AND PERCEPTION for additional material on this subject.


Transcendence of Psychic Energy Blocking

This section is about learning the “art of psychological combat and defense” that was mentioned earlier.

The last step to resolving the issue of energy blocking in one’s sphere of reality is to ASSUME A POSITION OF CREATOR with respect to the phenomenon of psychic energy blocking itself – i.e. developing an ability to block psychic activities of other individuals.

If you get stuck in a position of negation against some perceived phenomenon which is already a part of your consciousness, you are likely to run into problems, including unwitting dramatization of the energies or modes of expression you are unwilling to create or be cause over.  You have to be able to causatively use the various energies that you may have accumulated on the receiving end. The extended logic for this is described on page FREEDOM, ABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY.

The simplest ways of going about this is engaging in exercises where you imagine realistic scenarios of employing psychic energy blocking on someone else or even placing yourself in a position of the energy blocker doing actions toward yourself. If done correctly, you should experience a sense of release and expansion in your space of consciousness in transcendence of these realities.

Forms of psychological prohibitions against being able to assume a position of some “evil identity” that one is trying to overcome, such as due to notions of having to be “good” or being fixed in seeing oneself as the opposite of what one fights against, is probably one of the biggest faults in resolution techniques – as it places the individual in a peculiar position of creating a vision of a certain type of identity in order to be able to perceive and understand it while then assuming no responsibility for the vision that one has created which continues to exist in one’s consciousness as an “energy construct.” When it is then fed with enough psychic energy, such is in the form of continuing psychological protest against it, it can become empowered and then “collapse” over the neural circuitry having the person unwittingly dramatize the very qualities they have been protesting.

In such a way for example, the people that ardently fight against things like “intolerance,” “immorality,” or the like psychological qualities that they see and fight in someone else, may become the purveyors of the very things that they are fighting. And in such a way, those that see themselves as “good” fighting against “evil” can often times become the purveyors of the very type of “evil” that they have been fighting against – the examples of this are plenty throughout human history, especially when it comes to collective movements where the notion of “us” being “good” and NOT BEING like something that is fought against is very strongly reinforced. Hence, the common expression: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Of course, such movements are often organized or actively misguided by the likes of psychic energy blockers to motivate people into conflict and ultimately mutual self-destruction.

Note, this relates to the energies within consciousness. There is a difference between protesting something as a form of perceived phenomenon in general and directed efforts toward actual actions of another person or an actual situation unfolding in real time. There is a difference between stopping actual activities and psychological protest against the potential realities of such activities that already exist as visions within one’s consciousness. Transcendence of psychological protest DOES NOT MEAN that you do not engage in actual actions in stopping something that should be stopped, but even then you will be far more effective at handling a form of actual creation unfolding in reality when you operate from a position of being a creator of such reality yourself. Perhaps the most direct example of this can be seen in martial arts when a fighter learns opponent’s techniques in order to then be able to easily predict and handle opponent’s actions as they unfold in reality.


Additional Resources

This subject is still under research. One of the best research works on this subject, as well as a general subject of pathology in human behavior, can be found in the works of Michael Tsarion, especially in the lecture linked below. The segment about psychic vampirism starts at 2 hours 46 minutes into the lecture.

[Note on September 2, 2018: As you can see, unfortunately this very informative and valuable video was taken down from YouTube. Efforts will be made to try to make this information available for this project which, due to a large volume of other work, is currently not a priority.]


Evidently, the film Under the Skin (2013) with Scarlett Johansson may just be about this very phenomenon with images of men being consumed into a “dark void.”



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