Spheres of Reality

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Another good way to categorize Reality would be to divide it up into different Spheres2 (areas, domains). These would parallel the description of various Dynamics in Scientology that are explained in more detail in this video:

Even though official definition of a “dynamic” in Scientology is that of an “urge to survive,” colloquially, among Scientologists, a “dynamic” has also been used to refer to the actual objects or entities that it embraces such as the 1st Dynamic referring to one’s self as an individual, 2D referring to one’s family or a love partner, 3D to some group that one may belong to, and so on. It is also common to hear Scientologists refer to personal possessions as one’s “MEST” which is a big misnomer since MEST stands for Matter, Energy, Space, and Time, not just matter or some things in one’s possession.

When re-categorized as Spheres of Existence these “dynamics” would be:

(1) Reality of self as an individual  (2) Reality of intimate relationships and a family unit  (3) Reality of groups  (4) Reality of one’s species (species with shared characteristics – not necessarily defined by just a body form)  (5) Reality of Life and life forms as such  (6) Reality of the physical universe in all its manifestations (7) Reality of consciousness, intelligence and thought as such, apart from anything else  (8) That which encompasses any and all forms of reality including that of consciousness (understood in Scientology as an Infinity or a Supreme Being(ness) dynamic).

It is worth noting in alignment with the previous pages that perception of any form of reality is a product of consciousness. Even such things as space, energy, matter, and time are concepts denoting some form of perceived reality. Again, it does not mean that these factors do not have some form of existence of their own, but our perceptions of them are constructed by consciousness – this is why when the state of consciousness changes such as through effective forms of spiritual practice or psychedelic substances, our experience of even the so called “physical realities” can change quite significantly (to say nothing of our experience or perception of self or our sense of connection with other life forms and the universe at large).


NOTE: There is actually a dynamic BELOW INDIVIDUAL that Hubbard fails to name as a dynamic though colloquially it is termed “being MEST” in Scientology (since the physical universe is thought to operate as a mechanism in a deterministic fashion). This dynamic can be best described as a ROBOT DYNAMIC. When no longer an Individual, one can still operate as a ROBOT – this is to operate according to orders or some form of programming.

Below Robotism, we start to get into a state of ENTROPY. This could be understood as a state of uncontrollable confusion or disorder when someone can no longer maintain one’s activity (including and especially mental activity)  in a single direction. In Scientology and elsewhere this state is known as a nervous breakdown or in a more severe form – a psychotic break.



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