Liberation Processing

Liberation Processing

Key principle:

PART 1 of this rundown is geared toward identifying and resolving areas of restriction in neurological activity.

“Should not…” (or “should you not…”) can also be used in place of “can you not…” as long as it is understood that the purpose of such questions is to identify and resolve areas of restrictions, not re-validate them.


PART 2 of this rundown is geared toward liberation of ability and utilizes simple auditing commands following a general form:

Make / project / envision / express (— ITEM —).

Specific examples: Make a statement. … Express an emotion … Envision an action. …

A preclear should particularly focus on making statements, envisioning actions… etc. that he / she had some prior difficulty with.

If Part 1 of this rundown is concerned with identifying and resolving restrictions, then Part 2 of this rundown is concerned with restoring preclear’s CHOICE and SELF-DETERMINATION with respect to generating / producing any form of neurological activity.

Part 2 of this rundown can be done to a point where the preclear gains an ability to produce or consider ANY form of activity.



What REALITY could (can) you not accept? (entertain, consider, experience, create, destroy…)



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